[Audio] New portal for the more than 6 million v ...

[Audio] New portal for the more than 6 million v …

October 21, 2014

The City Market Shopping Center decided to venture into the digital world and created a new online sales portal that allows all Venezuelans to acquire what they need at the click of a button.

Citymarket.com.ve, was born from the alliance between the City Market shopping center, and several specialists in the area of ​​technology and electronic commerce. This association means that the platform has a robust and innovative development, both in its structure and in its design, which at the same time is friendly, so that the user experience is easy, fast, entertaining and, above all, reliable.

Citymarket.com.ve, has agreements with Data Crédito, which is an entity that certifies the veracity of the purchase. Agreements with different banks (such as Banesco, Bancaribe, Mercantil, among others), for the processing of transactions and multiple security systems have been implemented such as SSL certificate, data encryption, to name a few. An important alliance was also achieved with the ZOOM group to guarantee the immediacy of shipments nationwide.

Until now, more than 50% of the stores in the Caracas City Market Technology Center have been certified to sell through Citymarket.com.ve The selection of suppliers is essential to guarantee buyers compliance with the quality of the products. products, prices and guarantees.

Citymarket.com.ve allows the user to search for an electronic product in all the stores associated with the page, as well as to compare its attributes and prices with other brands. This ensures that the customer gets what they want by investing just enough in it.

An important step to acquire a product through the portal is to register in it. This simple action allows access to the entire world of possibilities offered by Citymarket.com.ve.

“We estimate to have between 50 and 100,000 registrations at the end of 2014, the time of year when the search for next-generation electronic products increases,” says Isaac Casado, Co-founder and Director of CMO.

“As for the stores of the City Market Technology Center that want to join and be part of our staff, to sell their products in our Marketplace, we explained that it is necessary to be certified. In this way, the support of the Shopping Center is guaranteed for each sale made through the portal. It is definitely a winning alliance ”, highlights Casado.

For registered users, buying through Citymarket.com.ve ensures the acquisition of quality products, at the best market price, through the specialized search; counting on multiple payment platforms, safe and immediate shipping, and with the support of the Shopping Center.

“As for certified stores, being part of Citymarket.com.ve allows them to grow and have a greater advertising reach for their products; greater scope in that they can reach cities that otherwise could not, in addition to having the guarantee of fast and secure payments for sales made; at the same time that it generates benefits for the sellers that will be reflected in their productivity and income ”, explained Ignacio Salvatierra, Co-Founder and Director of CMO.

Another important part of this sales system is that the ZOOM Group service is available to deliver the products purchased at Citymarket.com.ve. In this way, it provides security in shipments, compliance with delivery times, and a free service for the entire national territory.

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