[Audio] MercadoLibre opens space for brands

[Audio] MercadoLibre opens space for brands

February 20, 2015

MercadoLibre Venezuela introduces a new prominent space to make their favorite brands available to Venezuelans in a reliable, comfortable and safe way.

Prosein, BoaHaus, Krea Spazios, Casa Fácil, Microsoft Xpress, Mobius, Kivo, Mulco, ChronoSport, Caterpillar, Contigo, Allegro, Caracas and Magallanes (clothing and accessories), Calvin Klein and Nike (optical), and Tutiendasexy.com, now They have their Official Stores at www.mercadolibre.com.ve/tiendas-oficial/ where they offer their portfolio with all the facilities to buy online, also present in the mobile version.

Listen to the interview with Angel Méndez, Marketing and Sales Manager of MercadoLibre Venezuela:

“We are proud to welcome these 17 firms with which we inaugurated the concept of Official Stores in MercadoLibre Venezuela, for being the first to trust the unique benefits of our platform to get much closer to their customers in the digital channel” , said Antonio Annese, general manager of the company, whose website ranks first in the retail category in Venezuela with 4,441,000 unique monthly visitors, and in fifth place with the most Internet traffic in the country (comScore, 2014 ).

MercadoLibre Official Stores are differentiated spaces within the platform, which allow millions of users to purchase original products with the guarantee of the brand. “We combine the best experiences of traditional retail with the competitive advantages of our ecosystem to give rise to a premium sales channel on the internet, where we exalt the aesthetics of brands and move their showcases, in just one click, to any point in the world. country ”, explained Angel Méndez, Marketing and Sales Manager of MercadoLibre Venezuela.

Recognized original brands or their authorized distributors can now join Official Stores, a new format that places them in the first and largest internet mall in Venezuela, with differentiated spaces in search results and filters, and also offers them a unique address , privileged communication, flexible negotiation schemes and personalized attention, among other attributes.

“Offering the range of Prosein products in the MercadoLibre Official Store expands our channels of reaching the consumer in a new and formidable way, optimizing the online sales service to our customers”, commented María Mercedes Obediente, Marketing and Sales manager of Prosein .

For his part, José Martínez, Marketing and Sales Manager of Microsoft Xpress, commented: “We have grown with MercadoLibre and we bet on every innovation that it offers us to continue expanding and professionalizing our brand’s commerce in the electronic medium, where by nature is our biggest market niche ”.

MercadoLibre already has more than 400 Official Stores in Latin America, to which today the first ones in Venezuela are added, maximizing the versatility of the platform, which translates into a better user experience for Venezuelans.

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