[Audio entrevista] "Messangi" centralizes communications ...

[Audio entrevista] “Messangi” centralizes communications …

October 30, 2014

With the vision of providing tools that meet the continuous demands of an increasingly demanding market, Ogangi, a mobile technology solutions and services company, presented Messangi to the Venezuelan market, an Omnichannel solution that unifies the channels through which the contact with users or clients, either by SMS, email notifications, geolocation alerts to Scratch Cards, and provides all the advantages of a centralized and personalized communication.

“Given the boom in digital marketing, we wanted to innovate and offer an easy-to-use product for any company, organization or business that seeks to maintain frequent and valuable communication with its environment and, furthermore, enhance it. Messangi is a practical solution that simplifies the way of interacting with clients or users, through an Omnichannel platform; It is an excellent alternative to coordinate, manage and selectively send messages, whether they are advertising or exclusively informative, ”explained César Quintero, Ogangi Product Manager.

The spokesperson points out that Messangi can use it, for example, a mass consumption chain that has developed an application to send notifications of promotions to all customers who visit their premises or move nearby. This way, this business will be able to directly inform those who are in the establishment or in its vicinity about a specific promotion.

Messangi is a mobile communication solution based on an Omnichannel platform, where the user, be it a company or a public entity, through its mobile application, manages the communications sent to its related parties, alternating them based on availability and response. from who receives the communication. Thus, it is possible not only to track messages, promotions, discounts and sweepstakes; It is also possible to exchange the type of channel to use, in order to guarantee that the communication reaches its addressee.

“The Messangi interface is user-friendly and intuitive, developed to overcome the usual obstacles that prevent the delivery of a communication to its recipients. It is a solution adapted to the times we live in, where collecting information about our environment is also key. Messangi incorporates Scratch Cards, SMS, Push, Social Networks and Email technology as distribution channels, as well as iBeacon as Geolocation triggers, and Big Data for Business Intelligence Analytics. It also has a powerful campaign manager that allows access to all the functionality with a few clicks, ”Quintero said.

Based on a technology that allows taking measures and pre-establishing routes of action, depending on the demands and behavior of a client or depending on the purpose of a communication, the platform is designed to guarantee the transmission of a message, using for this the appropriate channel and avoiding invasive communications.

The most recent studies and trends indicate that every day the number of companies that decide and use more and new contact channels to get closer to their audiences increases either as a complement to their traditional advertising strategies or, as part of their relationship plans with customers (CRM). In this sense, Messangi supplies from detailed reports of results to statistics of great value and utility for any business, organization or public body: data of interest such as number of people who opened the application, number of users who accepted a promotion, how many made one purchase or followed a suggestion.

“Organizations need to communicate using the most effective channel. Generally the question they ask is: When to use SMS, notification, email or social networks as a communication channel? The Messangi platform has the ability to manage this decision according to the preferences of each user. We are sure of the potential offered by a tool like Messangi within the business environment: greater competitiveness, real knowledge of consumption habits and profiles, predictive proposals, among others ”, concluded Quintero.

To enter Messangi, the client must go to www.messangi.com and from there request attention and obtain the necessary information to register their account with Ogangi.

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