[Audio] Electronic payment solutions arrive in Venezuela …

October 1, 2014

Pax Technology LTD, the third largest provider of payment terminals in the world, officially announced its entry into the Venezuelan market with the help of two technology companies in the country’s financial sector. These are Sitio Uno and Newtech Solutions, which join forces as Pax’s exclusive distribution channel to provide the banking market with the most modern payment terminals (POS), unique in combining the certifications of all international payment franchises, with the newest functionalities, which include NFC and Wifi contactless technology, among others.

The joint investment made by Pax Technology, Sitio Uno and Newtech Solutions, allowed the installation of an Authorized and Certified Technical Service Center of the first, second and third level, which will guarantee the quality technical support that financial institutions and networks of payment in our country, in addition to operating as an Applications Development Center, R&D Research and Development and as a Technical Training Center.

In accordance with this new alliance, Venezuelan banks, clients of Newtech Solutions and Sitio Uno, will be able to access all Pax technology. Guo Liang, Pax Director for Latam commented “Pax maintains operations in more than 80 countries around the world, we are pleased to establish alliances in Venezuela with such well-known companies as Newtech and Sitio Uno, which join our global network of partners. and additionally this alliance will allow us to expand our reach in the region ”.

“Pax is a company with great significance in Asia and Europe and we are at the right point for a new leading player to become part of a market that historically has had few options in this product line,” said Álbaro Larrazábal, Director of Newtech, who added “we have the vision –based on the trust of our clients- that we will be able to successfully incorporate Pax technology and become the new reference point of sale terminals in the country in the short term”.

The first line of terminals that this alliance will offer includes the S series of Pax products, with equipment of different scopes and segments ranging from low-cost DialUp terminals to the most modern S90 with mobile and portable features.

In this regard, Jean García, Director of Site One, commented “the versatility of Pax terminals allows us to carry out custom developments with an adequate response time to our clients, as well as the convenience of having a common PCI certified Kernel throughout the S series and the same Core of tools will allow banks to have multiple models of terminals making a single certification effort ”.

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