European Union hits the brakes on Uber

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February 6, 2015

Uber-TaxiRequesting a taxi from a mobile application, using your location, is a highly valued advantage among passengers. Companies like Easy Taxi have been doing it responsively in the region. Other platforms have gone a step further. Uber, for example, is an emerging company that provides its customers with a transport network, through its app, connecting passengers with drivers of vehicles registered in its service, who offer a transport service but are not professional taxi drivers. This little great detail has unleashed the ‘techno-economic’ controversy in many countries.

At the height of the so-called collaborative economy and the new financial models that internet startups are fostering, the urban transport application Uber has put taxi drivers on the warpath, provoked several legal movements and has placed on the table a controversial difficult solution.

Attendees to the World Cup in Brazil can order their taxis in 15 languages

On the contrary, services such as Easy Taxi, work exclusively with drivers who comply with the regulations and registers of each country, trying to be more of a complement than an adversary of the traditional taxi lines.

Listen to the interview with Germán Moreno, Easy Taxy regional sales manager:

German Moreno also told us about the advantages of the recently incorporated coportative service. Easy Taxi Corporate is a digital voucher tool to manage the transfer of employees, monitor transportation expenses in real time, generate accounting reports periodically to legalize transportation expenses and control the fleet of taxis in which the staff is mobilized .

This application combines greater security, savings and comfort, with an excellent service. Users who have already downloaded Easy Taxi can link their personal account to the corporate one. There are two ways to cancel the service: in the traditional way through the application, or the Corporation can pay for it after use. Once the race is finished, the taxi driver will send a notification to the passenger with the value of the race, the client must verify it and confirm the service from their device. Finally, the payment is registered in the company’s account.

Easy Taxi Corporate allows the company to carry out different types of analysis, by providing on-demand statistics on the number of trips requested by employee, department and the entire company. They will also be able to find out what the unit costs are and check the rates for each service in advance. Invoicing is centralized, thus reducing expenses in financial and personnel resources. This service makes the transfer of human capital more reliable by avoiding arbitrary surcharges, without the need to call days in advance.

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