[Audio] Asus reveals ZenFone 2 pricing: $ 285 ...

[Audio] Asus reveals ZenFone 2 pricing: $ 285 …

March 9, 2015

At CES 2015 earlier this year ASUS announced the ZenFone 2, a device with outstanding specs including an impressive 4GB of RAM. At the time it was mentioned that the device would sell for USD $ 199, but when it was revealed that it will be several versions of the ZenFone 2 that will hit the market there was some confusion regarding the price.

Listen to the details of Zenfone2 in this interview we had with Mario Carmona, Technical Public Relations of ASUS Ibérica:

Well, today we have things much clearer since GSMArena comments that Asus held an event to launch its new smartphone in Taiwan, where they unveiled the four models with their respective prices that you can see below: Asus reveals the ZenFone 2 prices – USD $ 285 for the model with 4GB of RAM – Wayerless.

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