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May 30, 2014

world_4gEasy Taxi, as a global company for requesting taxis through a mobile application or website, welcomes football fans who will be visiting Brazil to witness the World Cup matches. Within the framework of this event, the company has made some changes, such as the hiring of personnel trained to speak in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Likewise, it has included in its application the translation tool, which contains basic phrases (in 15 languages), to facilitate communication between taxi drivers and passengers before boarding.

According to Randy Cottin, Country Manager of Easy Taxi Venezuela, fast transportation will be the company’s priority during the sporting event: “We know that time is very important for the passenger. Currently, the response time of taxi drivers is between five and ten minutes, depending on the city. This situation is favored by the application’s GPS system, which facilitates the movement of the taxi driver to the location requested by the user. “

The company has more than 50,000 taxi drivers to attend to requests during the sporting event. Also, in each Brazilian city where the matches are held, the Easy Taxi application already has the translation tool. On the other hand, users from all over the world will not need to create a new account to access the service with all the changes.

During the World Cup event, safety will also be the objective to be met. “All affiliated taxi drivers are carefully selected through a strict registration process. This includes the analysis of personal documents and the vehicle. On the other hand, when requesting the taxi, the application allows the passenger to see the identity of the taxi driver and the vehicle, even before boarding. Users can also track in real time the journey made by the taxi driver. The history of requests is recorded in the passenger application system with the driver and vehicle data, guaranteeing more security and ease of contact, in case of lost objects inside the taxi, ”concludes the Easy Taxi spokesperson.

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