AT&T will buy the Mexican telephone operator ...

AT&T will buy the Mexican telephone operator …

November 8, 2014

The popular telecommunications operator AT&T is close to acquiring its Mexican counterpart Iusacell in exchange for $ 2.5 billion, including the purchase of its debt, mobile networks, facilities and other assets. According to AT&T, what they are looking for is to establish a “North American mobile network” that facilitates the use of their services both for users in the United States and for people in Mexico.

“Our acquisition of Iusacell is a direct result of the reforms launched by President Peña Nieto to foster greater competition and investment in Mexico.”

This is how the AT&T CEO confirms the transaction, who does not hesitate to talk about the possibilities of the Latin American market.

By the way, AT&T is still in the process of transferring DirecTV, another giant company that it stayed with earlier this year.

via AT&T it will buy the Mexican telephone operator Iusacell for 2.5 billion dollars.

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