ATM Thieves Get Dozens of ...

ATM Thieves Get Dozens of …

January 13, 2015

ATM thieves get dozens of keys thanks to an iPod nanoSome thieves in the town of Gatley (United Kingdom) have taken advantage of the small dimensions of a fifth-generation iPod nano to get the secret numbers of the credit cards in several ATMs in the town.

They taped the device to the top of the ATM, camouflaging it as much as possible, so that people who came to withdraw money could record the secret numbers. Of course, they not only had the recording of the iPod: they also placed a false card slot in which they were trapped.

When ATM users went for help to extract them, thieves would grab the card and easily steal everything they could thanks to the recording made by the iPod.

via Some ATM thieves snatch dozens of PINs thanks to an iPOd nano.

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