At 1600 km / h this is the fastest car ever made ...

At 1600 km / h this is the fastest car ever made …

February 8, 2015

Half space car, half ground car, the Bloodhound SSC wants to have the credit of becoming the fastest car ever made. Logically, the name of the car may be a little too small, because just by looking at its design, it looks more like a space rocket than anything else. The interesting thing about this prototype is that it is serving as a basis to investigate the possibilities in the future they can have street or racing cars, and incidentally, win an award for the fastest car.

This prototype is a mixture, as we have said, of an airplane and a motor car designed to go at a speed of more than 1000mph – about 1600km / h-. It is designed by combining a chassis and a slim fuselage of an approximate length of 13.4 meters with two front wheels and two rear wheels mounted inside and outside the fairing.

It weighs 7.5 tons and is rated at more than 135,000 horsepower, more than 6 times the sum of all Formula 1 cars in a traditional race.

via This is the fastest car ever made.

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