As if the unofficial Raspberr weren't enough ...

As if the unofficial Raspberr weren’t enough …

June 17, 2015

The design has been carried out by Kinneir Dufort, an industrial design company that collaborated with the creators of the RPi – not long ago we interviewed Eben Upton – to choose the final finish. Of the three final candidates -two of them with a transparent part that revealed the internal components- only one remained, which finally hides that rawness of the original plate and does so by combining the white color and, logically, the raspberry color (raspberry) .

The final design is remarkable and its cost is not too high (7.61 euros -VAT not included- in Element14, for example), so those interested in it can already have at their disposal that official housing that is very easy to assemble And how could it be otherwise includes a small engraving of the famous raspberry of the project in the upper part of the case. Of course you can continue to opt for any of the numerous models that are available in all kinds of online and physical stores that distribute RPi and their accessories, but be careful: the arrangement of the ports changes slightly in the new Raspberry Pi 2.

Source: The Raspberry Pi already has an official case (and many more unofficial ones)

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