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Artificial Intelligence Knows If You’re Gay With Just My …

September 8, 2017

Researchers at Stanford University have conducted a study on human sexuality, and they have been very surprised by the results. In this study, published today, they developed an algorithm that analyzed more than 35,000 photographs of faces. They were surprised to see how accurate it was in predicting sexual orientation. A capacity for success that far exceeds human intuition. The most amazing thing is that he is able to give his verdict just by looking at a photograph. In the tests they have carried out, the algorithm has been able to hit 81% of the men and 74% of the women that it has analyzed.

Image oor andriano.cz via Shutterstock

Those figures are already very impressive, but their accuracy is capable of increasing if we present several images of the person. With five photographs, he is able to increase the level of success to 91% in men and 83% in the case of women.

They have used thousands of images that are publicly available on one page to find a mate. In these profiles the sexual orientation is detailed, and thus they have managed to get artificial intelligence to analyze patterns in the images.

It has been found that, in the case of men, they tend to have “atypical expressions for their gender.” To a greater degree they appeared more groomed, more feminine and in many cases had narrower jaws, larger noses and a larger forehead than heterosexual men.

In the case of homosexual women, the opposite has been found: larger jaws and a smaller forehead than heterosexual women.

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