Arri vs.  RED: The World's Favorite Digital Cameras ...

Arri vs. RED: The World’s Favorite Digital Cameras …

January 20, 2014

red cameraDigital reigns supreme in the world of cinema today and this is demonstrated by a classification of the films nominated for this year’s Oscars in relation to the cameras with which they have been shot, which leaves no doubt about the preferences of the productions of more success.

Collecting the titles that have been nominated for Best Film and Best Cinematography at the awards of the American Film Academy this year, it can be seen how the big winners are two specific brands of digital cameras, Arri and RED, especially the first that It has a long tradition and that at least this year it treasures a greater number of films in which it has intervened to capture the action and bring it before the eyes of the spectators.

via Arri vs. RED: Favorite Digital Cameras for Oscars-Nominated Movies | The Inquirer ES.

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