ARM Cortex-A5 targets $ 20 smartphones

ARM Cortex-A5 targets $ 20 smartphones

May 7, 2014

firefoxosgamaltaFor some time now, ARM Cortex A5 processors have been around as inexpensive players in the market.

When a couple of months ago Mozilla presented its $ 25 smartphone, it worked thanks to one of those processors, and now ARM assures that in a matter of a few months the components will be cheap enough for those smartphones to cost about $ 20 (in terms of production).

Although clearly these devices will not be anywhere near the most fluid and simple to use on the market, we must bear in mind that current Cortex A5 processors, in terms of power, are above the Cortex A11 that the original iPhone mounted when was released in 2007.

via Are $ 20 smartphones possible? ARM Cortex-A5 says Yes.

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