Argentina tests its own rocket but failed after ...

Argentina tests its own rocket but failed after …

March 6, 2014

The Vex 1A rose two meters and then fell to the ground

The Argentine Vex 1A rocket underwent a test launch from the Tronador II satellite launcher. The test was rated by the government as “positive” and “successful”, despite the fact that the rocket never really got off the ground and ended up on the ground.

The Vex 1A managed to rise about six feet to crash onto the flaming ground, although it did not explode. The original plan was for it to rise 300 meters and fall into the river, from where the parts would be recovered. “For reasons that are still being determined, the takeoff was not completed,” said the National Commission for Space Activities CONAE.

The trial was carried out almost in secret on February 26 in the town of Pipinas, in Punta Indio, and the government only released information about it today.

via Argentina it tests its own rocket, which failed to take off – FayerWayer.

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