Are Beats headphones really good?

Are Beats headphones really good?

June 18, 2014

beats headphones

According to sound purists, Beats headphones are not very good. They are fashionable, but they are not worth what they cost. There are many other alternatives that offer better sound quality for significantly less money.

The real problem with Beats headphones is not that the bass sounds too strong, but that the bass is of very poor quality… and the mids and highs even worse. If you want to see how the Beats really sound, use the equalizer and turn the bass up a bit. There is not enough definition in the sound to make the bass good, clear. It just sounds loud and powerful. And the worst thing is that it drowns out almost all other sounds. The Beats Pro and Executive lines are supposed to be better than the Studio and Solo, but the thing is, for the price of a Pro or Executive you have better options.

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