Apps to recover your stolen phone

April 13, 2014

Apps to recover your stolen iPhone or Android phone

Smartphones or smartphones are very popular, which in turn become a coveted asset by thieves and other friends of others. The best thing you can do is always keep an eye on your iPhone and Android phone, but to prevent future theft or loss, we recommend that you install an application to recover your stolen phone. Taking advantage of the fact that smart phones are always connected to the network, with these applications you will know where they are and perhaps you will even be able to catch whoever has stolen them red-handed.

The purpose of these applications is to tell you where the phone is at that moment. To do this, use the device’s GPS or, failing that, the WiFi connection. It will not indicate the position 100% but it will get close enough for the police to take care of recovering it. In addition, some of these apps can activate the phone’s camera to take a photo and thus know who stole it or where it is. Another interesting function is to erase the data from the device to prevent those who should not access them.

via Apps to recover your stolen iPhone or Android phone.

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