Apps that your child should not have on their mobile

Apps that your child should not have on their mobile

June 11, 2018

With the spread of technology in everyday life, families with young members have to deal with some smartphone applications which are dangerous to use and which are not convenient for minors as they can be used to hide information from parents. Panda Security drew up a list of seven applications that, in its opinion, young people should not have on their mobile phones, in order to make parents aware of the danger that their children may run with their use. These applications are mostly characterized by hiding some aspect or data.

Apps for children that your child should not have on their mobileApps for kids that your child shouldn’t have on their mobile Image by Rohappy via Shutterstock

The Poof application, for example, tricks the geolocation system of other mobiles, since it allows to hide the location from the parents. Teens use it for this purpose even though its main functions are to calculate how much a rental bike ride would cost or to indicate landmarks to meet friends.

Vaulty is an application for Android that helps to hide information, since it gives the possibility of protecting photos and videos with a password, with the possibility of additionally of the gallery. In addition, this ‘software’ takes a photo of whoever makes a mistake when entering the password.

For its part, Hide It Pro is an application for controlling the volume and equalization of music, but if the icon is held down, a secret screen appears. It works in a similar way to Vaulty, since it allows you to hide videos, messages and also other applications.

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