Applications to control network traffic in Win ...

Applications to control network traffic in Win …

July 25, 2015

Network monitors are programs that are responsible for showing you information about the connection made between your computer and the network, which can be internal or external. Among other things, you can know which computers are connected, what IP they use, the amount of data that enters and leaves, and the connections made on the network.

All this information will be useful, among other things, to know if your connection is not working as well as it should.

Among the many functions performed by network monitors, the possibility of monitoring connections stands out, indicating the time, duration, port used, the program that accessed the network and what connection it made.

In combination with other programs, network monitors are very useful to find inappropriate or unauthorized connections or connection drops at specific times.

Keep in mind that monitors only show you information: to control access to the network you will need firewalls or similar programs.

Next we will see more network monitors for both Windows and OS X: Applications to control network traffic in Windows and OS X

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