Apple will let you choose default apps ...

Apple will let you choose default apps …

February 22, 2020

Apple has always wanted a very closed ecosystem focused on its services when it comes to what users can and cannot do with their Apple-branded devices. The company often defends its decisions saying they are for the good of the users, but most of the time it only looks after its own interests. Fortunately, something could change with iOS 14.

An excellent example of ecosystem shutdown is the default apps on iOS. Although it is not necessary to use them, being able to download the Firefox mobile browser, for example, Apple does not allow you to completely ignore them. If you click a link in a text message, it will open in Safari, no questions asked (not to mention the fact that every web browser must use Safari’s rendering engine).

But it seems that the trend has changed in Cupertino

Bloomberg reports that talks have started within Apple to change the default app policy and allow users to choose their own. The two most important ones are the Safari browser and the Apple Mail app. Unsurprisingly, most users can abandon Google Chrome and Gmail, but there are plenty of other options available as well.

The default music app may also be subject to change in the future, the sources say. We hope this means that you will also be able to use apps like Spotify directly with your HomePod smart speaker.

Of course, Apple has suddenly not decided to make these changes from the good of its heart. The company has been under pressure from government authorities (especially from the EU) and competition to make its ecosystem more competitive.

It is still unclear when the changes will reach consumers (if there really are plans for them to happen), but a good bet would be the launch of iOS 14 later in the year, when the iPhone 12 family will be released.

Source: iOS 14 will rivoluzionerà l’ecosistema Apple? – ItalySmartphoneReview

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