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June 17, 2014

eBookAfter more than two years immersed in legal processes for conspiring against the freedom of prices in the electronic book market, judicial processes that in their final resolution found Apple guilty of fixing the prices of ebooks, Apple has reached an agreement with consumers and the different states of the United States and will finally pay a fine of 840 million dollars.

The beginning of this story goes back to 2012, when the US Department of Justice launched a complaint against Apple and five publishers at the hands of 33 states for not respecting the freedom of prices in the electronic book market.

In other words, Apple and those five publishers agreed on the sale price of ebooks in 2010, increasing it and thus limiting competition in the sector, facing rivals such as Amazon.

Before finalizing the trial last year, the five publishers already reached respective agreements, disbursing figures close to 70 million dollars.

via Apple you will have to pay to set the prices of the ebooks.

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