Apple vs. Google: The race for the best phablet

November 28, 2014

  • Both devices are considered phablets, which means that they have screens larger than 5 inches.
  • The processing speed is higher in the Nexus 6, the iPhone 6 Plus on the other hand, offers the highest security and storage capacity on the market.
  • The Nexus 6 offers a better cost-benefit ratio. The iPhone 6 Plus has one of the most unstable costs on the market depending on the country of purchase.

Looking to make a good decision when buying one of the new ones phablet, Linio experts were given the task of making a comparison between two of the most recognized high-end phones on the market, the iPhone 6 Plus and Nexus 6, devices that compete as the two most “powerful” phablets in the sector. The characteristics of both were analyzed to expose “who is who” in the phablet industry.

We must define what a phablet is as this concept is something “new” in the industry. A phablet is, according The Oxford Dictionary, “a Smartphone that has a screen of intermediate size between that of a common smartphone and an electronic tablet “, is an “informal” name used for portable devices, with 5-7 inch touchscreens approximately.

Once this point is clarified, we can start our comparison with the following table:

The prices that Linio I corroborate in his study are: Nexus 6, quoted in 649 dollars for the 16 GB version and $ 699 for the 64GB. The iPhone 6 Plus it is obtained in the market for 600 dollars for the 16GB version and the average amount of $ 1,618 for its 128 GB version.

It is important to clarify that the price of the different versions of the iPhone 6 Plus varies significantly according to the tariffs of each country.

Some curiosities about these devices:

iPhone 6 Plus

  • In Tokyo, Japan, a customer queue was formed 9 days before the global launch, this being the biggest in the whole world.
  • Several people tried charge your iPhone 6 in a microwave from a 4chan blog post that claimed it could be done.

Nexus 6

  • Nexus 6 is the latest device to Google and Motorola launched as Motorola Mobility was purchased by Lenovo in January 2014.
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