Apple updates OS X automatically due to a problem ...

Apple updates OS X automatically due to a problem …

December 23, 2014

For the first time, Apple has had to send a security update for all Macs running OS X from version 10.8.5 (Lion) automatically. This means that Apple forces your machine once it connects to the Internet, to download the security patch.

The installation does not seem compulsory and automatic, although users who open the App Store on their Macs will see the update and a button requesting its installation “as soon as possible”, which does not even need to restart the computer.

The security problem resides in the NTP or Network Time Protocol in OS X. According to Apple, with the bug found in this protocol, an attacker would allow an attacker to connect to your computer and remotely execute code.

via Apple updates OS X automatically for a security issue – FayerWayer.

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