Apple to implement two-step authentication after ...

Apple to implement two-step authentication after …

September 7, 2014

Apple plans to update security notifications to users of its iCloud storage service following the hacking of more than 100 celebrity accounts that has involved the theft of personal photos.

Tim Cook, CEO of the technology giant, told The Wall Street Journal that the intrusion was the result of a phishing attack that allowed third parties to use the correct usernames and passwords.

The manager has defended that none of the Apple IDs or the passwords of the company’s servers were leaked allowing the attack.

Among the additional measures that Apple will implement, the sending of “alerts to users by email and notifications when someone tries to change the account password, restore iCloud data to a new device or when a team registers in the account” stands out. for the first time”.

via Apple to Implement Two-Step Authentication After iCloud Hack – Silicon News.

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