Apple reveals the operating system of its next iP ...

Apple reveals the operating system of its next iP …

June 2, 2014

WWDC14Apple arrives at its annual conference in San Francisco with the faithful excited about the arrival of iOS8, the operating system called to renew the iPhone and iPad engine, but also with the concern to continue creating attractive computers. A nod was to start assembling them in the United States to promote the local industry, the real change will have to be an adaptation to the tactile world and better integration with its ecosystem.

The edition of this conference stands out, however, for the confusion of the possible presentations; This means that it will be fundamentally software, with no exceptions for any device because, otherwise, information would have already been leaked from the Asian assemblers. Another possibility is that they have kept the secret, something increasingly difficult, and the second is that there is nothing very new, a possibility that would cause an immediate drop in the action.

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