Apple knew about the iCloud flaw before the "Celebga ...

Apple knew about the iCloud flaw before the “Celebga …

September 25, 2014

Apple has known since March of a security hole that left personal data of iCloud users vulnerable, according to leaked emails between the company and a computer researcher.

The messages, obtained earlier this month by the Daily Dot and reviewed by various computer experts, show that Ibrahim Balic, a London-based software developer, informs the firm led by Tim Cook of a method he had discovered to infiltrate iCloud accounts.

The Californian company came under fire earlier this month after hundreds of private photos of celebrities, allegedly stolen from iCloud servers, went viral online.

In an email on March 26, Balic tells an Apple employee that he has successfully defeated an action designed by hackers to crack passwords thoroughly.

via They notified Apple of the failure in iCloud before the Celebgate.

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