Apple is upset with the Thai government because ...

Apple is upset with the Thai government because …

August 15, 2014

The information revealed confirms that the Thai government has authorized the importation of two new iPhone models into this country, but it ruins Apple’s commercial strategy, which usually maintains strict secrecy until the very moment of the presentation of its new devices. Moreover, in this case, although in light of the custom in recent years of presenting a new iPhone model in autumn, the surprise would be that they did not do so and that the event that they have called for September 9 had no relation to it. smartphone bitten apple.

But although there have been rumors for quite some time that the brand is working on two models with different screen sizes, in some instances it is assured that the iPhone 6 that would be presented in a few weeks would be the “smallest” model of 4.7 inches left for a later time (which might even be early 2015). In light of the information that the NBTC has now released if the authorization is for the sale of two iPhone models, we could be surprised that on September 9 there would be two models that were presented.

On the part of this Thai public body it is argued that no confidentiality clause had been broken since according to them Apple would simply have asked them not to disclose the technical specifications of the devices, which they have not done.

via Apple annoyed with the Thai government by unveiling the two iPhone 6 models – The Inquirer ES.

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