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Apple downgrades 15-inch MacBook Pro

July 29, 2014

In addition to making its most powerful professional notebook cheaper, Apple has improved the processor and RAM characteristics of the 13-inch and 15-inch models.

While maintaining the 13-inch model with a 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 processor and a 4 GB RAM plus 500 GB hard drive, all packaged for a price of $ 1,129, the MacBook Pro family grows with five members renovated.

Three of them also sport a 13-inch screen with Retina technology, betting on the Core i5 with Iris graphics. But this time the clock frequency goes up to 2.6 GHz. Another substantial change is that of the capacity of the RAM, which doubles to 8 GB. Its autonomy will be 9 hours.

via Apple downgrades the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

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