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Apple assures that the leakage of the photos of the …

September 2, 2014

Apple has explained that the photos were stolen following a protocol that has become “very common on the Internet” consisting of compromising the security of services such as iCloud through “specific attacks on user names, passwords and security questions.”

However, the Cupertino company emphasizes that none of the photo thefts have been caused by the “breach” of Apple systems. In other words, it denies any internal vulnerability due to a specific failure of your system.

The Bitten Apple Company suggests that cybercrime took advantage of celebrity passwords not being secure enough. For this reason, remember that from your website you can “protect against this type of attack” by choosing a strong password and activating what they call two-step verification.

via Apple blames the leak of the photos of the famous to the vulnerability of the passwords | Technology | THE WORLD.

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