Apple and Google retire the 'Flappy'

Apple and Google retire the ‘Flappy’

February 17, 2014

Apple and Google retire the 'Flappy'

Both Apple, in the AppStore, and Google, in Google Play, have removed all the programs that made explicit reference to the original. In the case of the apple company, they refer to the terms accepted by the developers. Flappy Dragon developer Ken Carpenter explained what happened on his Twitter.

Apple considers that point 22.2 is violated, where they indicate that they will not accept: “Applications that contain fraudulent or false representations”. This same developer received a similar email from Google a few hours later.

Among the apps that have disappeared are: Flappy Bee, Flappy Plane, Flappy Super Hero, Flappy Flyer, even Flappy Bird Flyer.

There are also cases of clones that did not contain the word Flappy such as Splashy Fish, Ironpants, which were at the top of the App Store. Among those that have been saved for now are City Bird and Fly Birdie.

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