Apple about to buy Beats Electronics for $ 3.20 ...

Apple about to buy Beats Electronics for $ 3.20 …

May 9, 2014

iPhone with Beats headphones

The news has been uncovered by the Financial Times and The New York Times, which cite sources close to the operation, although they also acknowledge that the final agreement is not yet final and could fade.

Beats, with annual sales estimated at more than $ 1.5 billion, is a popular headphone and audio product firm that recently launched its own music download service and was founded by music producer Jimmy Lovine and hip artist. -hop Dr. Dre.

If the operation were confirmed, it would be a significant boost to the company’s content and hardware from the hand of its current CEO, Tim Cook, a manager who is open to purchases and who in the last 18 months has promoted the acquisition of 24 companies.

via Apple could buy Beats Electronics for 3,200 million | DIGITAL LIFE | PCWorld.

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