App to spy on cell phones

April 19, 2014

mspyIf you are interested in maintaining their privacy, you will have to be careful with the mSpy application. When installed on an Android or iOS device, you can track phone calls, location data, and see what the other person types without their knowledge.

The application is apparently intended for legal monitoring applications, and there are certainly legitimate reasons to install the software. Companies, for example, could inform their employees that company phones are being monitored for security reasons or also for parents, who could include the software in the devices they give to their children.

The list of virtues of this app is quite complete, such as locating the device in case of loss or theft, and it adds a few features that are also very useful:

  • SMS log (both received, sent and deleted).
  • Location and registration by GPS in real time.
  • Call recording details (even when deleted).
  • Access to photos and videos on the phone.
  • Recording of ambient sound.

via mSpy, The app to spy on cell phones.

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