App that lets you remotely control a slot machine ...

App that lets you remotely control a slot machine …

January 29, 2020

SEGA’s latest idea is both hallucinating and horrifying. A classic stuffed animal machine, installed in Japan, called SEGA Catcher Online, allows users to connect from an application on their mobile phone to take control of the “claw” on that real machine remotely. With the help of some simple controls that appear on the screen, you have to move the hook to the chosen place to try to reach one of the prizes.

App that lets you remotely control a real stuffed animal machine

Each stuffed animal machine has a webcam so that the player can see its movements from a distance. The mobile application only has two control buttons. One to move the hook to the right, and one to lower it. If you are one of the lucky ones to win something, the system is in charge of identifying the trapped product. Then he relates it to the user who was handling “the claw” from the application, and then proceeds with the free shipping of the prize.

After more than a year of operation in Japan, the service now lands in the United States, where they already accept registrations to play and see the long list of prizes that can be obtained by playing with the SEGA Catcher Online machine. They are items that are basically reduced to stuffed animals, cartoon figures, cushions and other things for style.

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