Another arrested for wearing Go's smart glasses ...

Another arrested for wearing Go’s smart glasses …

January 21, 2014

Another arrested for wearing Google smart glasses

A man from Ohio (USA) was questioned by the FBI for wearing Google Glass while watching a movie at the cinema. The police were alerted by the owner of the room, who accused the viewer of being illegally recording the film, although in reality he had his glasses turned off, as he had to use them on prescription.

The man had been watching the film with his wife for an hour when, suddenly, the FBI appeared at the cinema asking them to leave the theater.

Despite their arguments, the man ended up emptying the content of his Google Glass on the FBI laptop to solve the conflict, and had to show them his personal photos and videos that he stored on the device. Finally, the agents were able to prove the innocence of this Ohio man.

via Expelled from the cinema for wearing Google glasses | Technology | THE COUNTRY.

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