Anonymous TOR network declared illegal in Austria

Anonymous TOR network declared illegal in Austria

July 2, 2014

Defenders of online privacy have been hit hard when TOR operations were declared illegal by an Austrian court. The decision has been made in a case of distribution of child pornography through an exit node of this network.

The Graz (Austria) criminal court ruled that operations carried out through TOR exit nodes were a criminal offense.

The sentence is based on article 12 of the Austrian penal code, which establishes that “not only does the current perpetrator carry out a criminal act, but anyone who induces it to be carried out or anyone who, in any other way, contributes to the execution of said criminal act. ». So by active or passive, by doing or allowing it, one is responsible for that act. In this sense, leaving an exit node, an “open door”, for someone to commit illegal acts on the network would be a crime.

via The anonymous TOR network declared illegal in Austria.

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