Android One is Google's answer to countries and ...

Android One is Google’s answer to countries and …

June 27, 2014

It is a reference model for low-cost hardware, with which Google wants to respond to models such as the Asha and Nokia X, or the Firefox OS. But aren’t there really cheap Android terminals? Yes, but Google does not directly collaborate in their development nor are they based on any standard. Android One wants to set the guidelines on how to create low-cost smartphones.

Android One has a 4.5 ″ screen, dual SIM, microSD slot and FM radio, all for less than $ 100.

Of course, that it costs $ 100 to manufacture does not mean that it will go on sale for that price, so if we take into account the price of some Chinese terminals also with Android and with perhaps even better features, the revolutionary idea of Android One is a bit in question. We will see what happens when they are put on sale.

via Android One, Google’s answer to emerging countries | The Inquirer ES.

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