Android, curvature and 4K for the new TVs ...

Android, curvature and 4K for the new TVs …

September 5, 2014

Philips joins the curved TV craze and its 8900 series, with a single 55-inch model, is the company’s first. It is also 4K, has three-sided Ambilight, Perfect Motion Rate Ultra at 1000 Hz and content rescaling. It also has voice and gesture control for the remote control.

This TV also works under the Android platform, with access to full Google Play.

Something that was going to happen with most 4K TVs on the market was that they will be at the expense of HEVC content. Philips will solve it in its 2013 and 2014 models with the UHD 880 player, which will leave televisions ready to receive HEVC content via WiFi, UBS or Ethernet.

The equipment will arrive in 2015 for 249 euros, although it will be free for those who buy the curved Philips UHD models 8809 and 8909; and those of the 9109 and 9809 series.

via Philips chooses Android, curvature and 4K for its new televisions.

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