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October 4, 2014

Surely it goes without saying that Android continues to be the number one operating system on mobile phones, growing by 5% in world market share. The results of the study are from the second quarter of 2014, and although it is not possible to know for sure the number of terminals sold or delivered, IDC is one of the references to better understand what the hell is happening in this multi-million dollar business.

The first thing you should know, the mobile market has grown 25.3% more than last year, surpassing the mark of 300 million terminals sold. Above all, it is thanks to the huge demand for low-end smartphones in countries with fewer resources, especially much of Africa and South Asia.

But perhaps the juiciest thing is that according to IDC, both iOS and Windows Phone have lost market share. iOS would have lost 1.3% globally, while Windows Phone would have lost 2% of the market during this quarter.

via Android continues to grow, iOS and Windows Phone lose share – Wayerless.

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