An iPhone 6 explodes in a user's pocket

An iPhone 6 explodes in a user’s pocket

October 20, 2014

iphone-burnedA user named Philllip Lecht has denounced that his new iPhone 6, which he had pre-ordered with his operator on the first day that it was launched in pre-sale and had received in September, has exploded in his pocket a few days ago, causing burns and injuries. The user was not charging the terminal or had it connected to another electronic device. In fact, he carried it in his pocket while riding a bicycle (in a rickshaw) on an outing with his family.

Lecht explains how he took the smartphone out of his pocket and threw it out. Someone who had observed the scene threw a glass of water at his pants to put out the fire. The user comments on how not grasping it directly with his fingers saved him from serious burns, but “a passerby was not so lucky. He picked up the phone without the case and his fingers got burned. ” Another person threw some ice on the terminal to finish cooling it.

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