An audio editor in the browser

An audio editor in the browser

March 31, 2014

twistedwaveHere we have an audio file editor that, in addition to the iOS version and Mac program, includes an online version at

With the possibility of importing files from SoundCloud or from Google Drive, it offers an interface that is as simple as it is intuitive, capable of editing files for up to 30 seconds without the need to register, although doing so is free, so it is worth creating an account and deleting as well. said limit.

It still cannot be compared with editors like Audacity, but we can trim, add effects, add marks, transform to mono or stereo, normalize the volume, add channels, include loops … various functionalities that until not long ago we would not have imagined that they could be done from one web tool.

via twistedwave, an audio editor in the browser.

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