An Apple Watch for Valentine's Day would cost $ 5,000 ...

An Apple Watch for Valentine’s Day would cost $ 5,000 …

November 5, 2014

The new Apple Watch would be on sale in theory from February 14. Apple seeks to reach the general public with its Apple Watch and could pose it as the “ideal” gift for Valentine’s Day.

In fact, rumors also suggest that Apple would be planning several models beyond what was shown in its presentation. Models in which its watch appearance is emphasized using special designs and casings with other materials.

While the most basic Apple Watch would be on sale for $ 349, it seems that there would also be another version with a more resistant steel case, and that would cost $ 500. But things go further and the possibility of an 18K gold Apple Watch is also raised, which in his case would cost $ 5,000.

via The Apple Watch would go on sale on February 14.

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