An «app» to report crimes

An «app» to report crimes

May 12, 2014

Citycop: an «app» to report crimes

Developed by a technology company from Uruguay, this “app” available for iOS and Android allows citizens to report crimes through their mobile phone. The service is intended to cover Uruguay, the Latin American country with the highest perception of insecurity, only behind Venezuela, despite the fact that it has the least crime.

Since its official launch this Sunday, Citycop has already received more than 7,000 complaints, as the software developer Federico Cella, responsible for the project, informed Efe on Monday. “Citycop seeks to provide the population with more information on safety, apart from what is transmitted by the media or by word of mouth.”

The application allows users to report up to nine different types of crimes, including robberies of people, vehicles, homes or businesses, acts of harassment or violence, vandalism, sale of drugs or the identification of suspects. The user makes the report, anonymously or by providing their name, indicates the exact place where the crime occurred and can also add photographs of the place or comments.

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