An App that tells us when, how and where c ...

An App that tells us when, how and where c …

March 25, 2014

MailTracker iPhone 5

To do this, MailTracker uses a very ingenious system: it inserts a code snippet in the header of the email we send. This small code is what the application uses to know when our mail has been read in addition to many other things. And it does all this automatically when we send an email from Mail, without having to change the way we do it. Later, all information will be available in MailTracker, which will notify us in real time when our mail has been read.

The information MailTracker provides is astonishingly disturbing. From when the email has been read to the location and details of the device on which it has been read, through how many times it has been read, how long they have been reading the message and more features. A staggeringly unsettling amount of possibilities to keep complete control of our emails. In addition to the free version, we can opt for a subscription pro version that gives us more non-essential but very comfortable options.

Welcome to MailTracker from MailTracker app on Vimeo.

via MailTracker, an App that tells us when, how and where mail is read.

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