An app that solves mathematical formulas with the cam ...

An app that solves mathematical formulas with the cam …

November 19, 2014

PhotoMath is the idea of ​​the British company MicroBlink and is available for free on iOS and Windows Phone (soon also on Android). The firm has developed powerful image recognition and processing technology and built several applications to demonstrate its value and potential applications to potential buyers. PhotoMath is his latest creation and the dream of any teenager struggling with his homework.

We have tested it for a while and it works really well, although there are some details to take into account. It does not recognize handwritten text, but it does process equations instantly, in real time. At the moment it solves basic arithmetic, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations and various functions such as logarithmics. New formulas are added to the system every day. The best thing is that it offers the solution explaining how to get there step by step, which makes it a great tool for children and teenagers to learn math, and for parents to check their homework.

via This great app solves mathematical formulas with the mobile camera.

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