An adventure made in Venezuela about a purple cat ...

An adventure made in Venezuela about a purple cat …

August 10, 2014

Make Bouncy jump on a variety of elements! Have fun touching those evil Fuzzies and making them disappear! Use the skills of this cute kitten to overcome wonderful challenges and join the adventure through colorful and unique worlds!

Listen to the interview with Henry Fernández, developer of the video game:

Fluff Eaters is a casual game designed for touch devices. It is a platform adventure in which you control a cat that has the ability to bounce. The cat can only bounce once when you release it, if it bounces more than once, you lose. To eliminate the evil Fuzzies, you must touch them while Bouncy is in the air. The main objective of the game is to make all the Fluff disappear in each level and try to get as many fish as possible.

When traveling the worlds, the player can enjoy a great variety of levels, these contain elements such as: cannons, swings, bubbles, wheels, etc., together, they offer a unique sensation that entertains and amuses.

Bouncy is a purple cat who loves his bed more than anything in the world. One day, while he was sleeping peacefully, he woke up hungry and went to the kitchen for some food. When Bouncy returned, his bed was a mess, there were little Fuzzies all over the place. The purple cat was very upset and swore to make them pay for what they did …

Fluff Eaters was born under the premise of creating a game adapted to touch devices, something unique that despite its simplicity and grace, was fun and challenging.

The main character, Bouncy, is round, created in a ball-like shape, and can bounce.

The Fluff is shaped so that it can be easily touched by the player’s fingers.

The worlds are inspired by real landscapes in Venezuela, chosen for being unique and for their diversity.

The game elements and the setting are inspired by a puppet theater that reflects a cute and unique style, such as the game.

The music is inspired by well-known Venezuelan pieces, with a touch of color and fun, adapted to the setting of the game.


  • A purple cat with jumping abilities.
  • 8 different types of fluff with unique abilities.
  • Beautiful graphics inspired by real world landscapes.
  • A pack of 96 different levels packed with fun.
  • Various elements that add a special touch to the story.
  • Unusual game based on bouncing, touching and a lot of cuteness.

Download the free demo for Android

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