American Airlines flight attendants now use ...

American Airlines flight attendants now use …

September 10, 2014

American Airlines was the first airline with a paperless cockpit, and now all other American cabins are paperless as well. The airline is the first major airline to provide flight attendants with electronic manuals, accessible via a handheld tablet.

“The accessibility and functionality that the Tablet provides to our flight attendants will significantly improve their work environment,” said Hector Adler, vice president of Inflight Service for American Airlines. “The Tablet allows us to reduce our dependence on paper products and share important safety information with our flight attendants more quickly. This is a very important and exciting event for all of us at American as we modernize our processes and provide our employees with the best tools to do their jobs, and provide better service to our customers. “

FAEMANUAL_HigiMoncrief_LGABasedAmerican no longer relies on updates to print and submit for our flight attendants’ manuals, saving the company $ 300,000 annually. As a result, flight attendants can now update their manuals in minutes and search for items in seconds, improving work efficiency. By switching from the manual from about 5 pounds of paper to lightly the 5.3-inch Samsung Tablet the company will save about $ 650,000 annually in fuel, based on current fuel prices. The Tablets will also help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions by 2,100 metric tons – or 4.6 million pounds annually.

American flight attendants began using the electronic manuals exclusively on September 1, following a six-month testing and evaluation period, overseen by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). In addition to the manual, the Tablet provides flight attendants with real-time updates on Premium customers, special meals, connecting gates, special services, and other information.

The first class of flight attendants exclusively trained with the Tablet will graduate in October. The use of the electronic manuals will be extended to US Airways flight attendants after the two airlines achieve the Single Certificate of Operations, planned for mid-2015.

American pilots were the first to use Electronic Flight Cases in all phases of flight. The 1.2-pound iPad replaced the 35-pound flight case, eliminating the risk of injury and saving an estimated $ 1.2 million annually in fuel.

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