Ambulance drone flies at 95 km / h to save your life ...

Ambulance drone flies at 95 km / h to save your life …

November 2, 2014

NETHERLANDS DRONE AMBULANCEFaced with a situation of cardiac arrest, the chances of survival of the affected person depend, above all, on the response time of the person who attends him, being the more likely that he will escape unharmed the less the time that is delayed in his care. Therefore, according to the creators of this ambulance drone (TU Delft – Ambulance Drone), their “invention” could increase the chances of survival in this type of emergency by 10 times. It is developed, the ambulance drone that concerns us, by Alec Momont, Belgian engineer from the Technical University of Delft.

This ambulance drone, which reduces its load to a defibrillator, allows carrying what is necessary for a person affected by cardiac arrest in a range of 12 square kilometers and at a speed of 95 km / h. According to reports, the “rescue team”, that is, the ambulance drone, can communicate with the person who requested it, once it has arrived, thanks to the incorporation of a microphone system, and allows observing the scene thanks to a system of reduced cameras. All of this is remotely controlled by experts, of course.

via They create an ambulance drone that flies at 95 km / h to save your life.

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