Amazon (not Gooogle) buys Twitch for $ 970 million …

August 25, 2014

When it was already taken for granted that the Twitch platform would end up in the arms of Google, an unexpected move means that Amazon is now the one that finally gets the popular live game broadcast service.

The Wall Street Journal noted that Amazon was in the final stages of purchase talks, pointing to the deal approaching $ 1 billion.

Now both Amazon and Twitch have confirmed it, the final price: $ 970 million.

So the story has changed in the last hours, now coming the first analyzes, such as the one carried out by The Verge, who indicates that in principle Twitch would not fit within Amazon, but knowing the ambition of the platform directed by Jeff Bezos, who has been covering more business sectors in recent times, finally if it could make sense.

via Confirmed: Amazon buys Twitch.

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