Amazon launches portal dedicated to the sale of products ...

Amazon launches portal dedicated to the sale of products …

July 28, 2014

The Amazon 3D Printing Store, as the portal is called, is integrated into the Amazon site and is designed to bring together and highlight the three-dimensional printed products that are for sale on the platform.

The US company said in a statement that the new marketplace will host more than “200 unique print-on-demand products,” including toys, fashion accessories and household items. Most of them can be customized thanks to the nature of the manufacturing process, choosing the material, size, styles or colors. The buyer can also personalize them with their own images or texts if they wish.

To make finding and viewing 3D products easier, the portal includes custom search tools, an interactive 3D preview functionality that enables a full 360-degree view, and a product customization widget to adjust. the article to your liking.

via Amazon launches a portal dedicated to the sale of 3D printed products.

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