Amazon gives away two audiobooks for a limited time

Amazon gives away two audiobooks for a limited time

February 11, 2015

The free promotion includes, in addition to the two audiobooks, a 30-day trial on its Audible platform, an Amazon company.

An audiobook is generally the recording of the contents of a book read aloud. A talking book. Taking advantage of the possibilities offered by new technologies in the field of information and content dissemination, this format has increased its dissemination.

The audiobook is a useful means of communication when direct reading is not possible. Allows you to preserve materials that might otherwise deteriorate and be lost. It allows you to carry out other activities while running them: driving, walking, sunbathing, cooking, etc. It’s easy to download, easy to run, and inexpensive. Encourage reading and promote content more than written format.

An audiobook can offer the most varied content: it can be a story, a conference, a course, an article, an essay, a dialogue, an interview, a radio program, a more or less long story made by a radio station … Due to a logical time limitation, audiobooks whose text comes from a large previous work tend to be shortened versions.

Review the complete collection of audiobooks, including in Spanish, offered in the free promotion, and choose the two that you like the most.

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